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After multiple site visits, attending worship and community meals, conversations with key leaders and Pastor Chris, I designed an identity for Calvary appropriately enough during a storm.

As Hurricane Florence threatened our area (September 2018), I took my collections of church photos, history and notes to combine them into a new visual identity for a congregation that’s existed in some form since the 19th century. We needed a new website, bulletin, signage and more to keep up with 21st century standards.

As I worked that weekend, I began to imagine how many storms Calvary has lived through its life.

For a church that’s seen so much over the past 100+ years and made it through, I wanted to create an icon that would be modern enough for the next century just as well. As Durham and its own congregation has changed, it was intentional to emphasize what’s stayed the same at Calvary (the sanctuary) along with what is ever-changing (the world).

Built in 1916, the sanctuary inserts itself into the local skyline with a chiseled steeple that has seen its share of wind and rain. Reminiscent of a square stone keep castle, Calvary’s longevity can be attributed to the strength of the mission and divine intervention. There are sharp lines, intricate masonry work, and a towering outline. Simple yet beautiful, the vantage point stands out in the neighborhood as a stronghold of faith and activity.

Surrounding Calvary is the world at hand. Through a vision that values diversity, the pride flag showcases all colors, cultures and care for others. As a Reconciling Congregation within the United Methodist Church, Calvary practices inclusion and praises diversity. This is the worldview in which this faith community will see itself through to kingdom come.

The text and font (Roboto) of Calvary was chosen to simply communicate who they are and complement the modern visuals you see. It’s also incredibly versatile for print and digital media, as well as signage around the campus. The focus here is meant to be on the colors and church.

Together, the church in the world represents who Calvary is. For such a mission-oriented congregation, they and their leadership are focused on what it will take to continue on as a service oriented community. Strong enough to withstand and adapt to whatever storms may come, Calvary as the Church will love God and others to live on.

I admire you all so much and believe in the work you do. Thank you for letting me help.